Nickelodeon Studio App

UX/UI & App Design

Nickelodeon wanted a way for their various studios to be able to communicate and book meetings and rooms with each other using a neat and fun app which they would only use. This was a big project that needed all hands on deck to achieve and a lot communication and collaboration. I was given a blank slate to work with and given the opportunity to "go wild," which was a fun and daunting prospect at the same time.

As a team we were able to provide a standalone app that was not only creative and funky but also functional. I was able to incorporate a lot of the Nickelodeon personality into the project from adding different characters and textures to the overall style. We also included a SLIME feature in homage to the 80s TV show "You Can't Do That On Television." A user was able to send "slimes" which acted as personal notification. Other features of the App was the ability to create flash meet-ups, which were quick and impromptu meetings, that were used for project statuses, lunch meetings, etc. The App also allowed people to find and book meeting rooms around the various studios which would include the specifications of each room, such as seat capacity, location and video/audio capabilities. Staff were able to keep up to date with Nickelodeon events and news as well as share photos of recent work and everyday things in their lives.

Did I mention I got to tour the Nickelodeon Animation Studios?