Nickelodeon Tumblrs

UX/UI & Responsive Web Design

When Nickelodeon asked us to design and build Tumblr accounts for their upcoming new show, "Pig Goat Banana Cricket", "Harvey Beaks", and "Sanjay and Craig", as well as craft a new design for their Nickelodeon Animation Studio Tumblr account, it was beyond awesome.

Nickelodeon wanted something fun and offbeat. Each show had a unique look and style that we tried to incorporate within the Tumblrs. This project gave me the opportunity to lead our designers to create something that not only Nickelodeon would like but also something that we would like ourselves. We brainstormed with the developers the possibilities and restrictions with Tumblr since it was a new learning experience for all of us. The end result was something that we were all proud of and Nickelodeon loved :)