What's Your Nickfluence?

UX/UI & Responsive Web Design

One of my proudest moments in my career was to be able to work with Nickelodeon. The little and big kid in me was beyond happy. I love the cartoons they produced like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ren & Stimpy, Spongebob and TMNT to name a few.

Nickelodeon, partnered with Get Schooled Foundation, and wanted to create an animation contest to showcase the talent of youths in the US. The website was targeted to High School and College students with prizes from free swag, a Wacom Cintiq tablet and Adobe CC, to a $25,000 scholarship for each category. The challenge was for America's youth to create an original animation short to show how Nickelodeon influenced them and their lives.

Seriously, how cool is that to be able to create something and showcase not only to the world but also allow Nickelodeon to take note of your talents. I wanted to take that energy and excitement and convey that within the site. It should motivate and provide information as well as allow youths to apply in an easy and straight-forward manner.

This was a fun and enjoyable project where I was able use various characters and styles to creatively represent the fun nature of Nickelodeon. There were four phases to the contest that needed to be created and managed by our team: Registration and Submission, Viewing and Voting, the Announcements of Semi-Finalists and the Announcement of the Winners. In addition, the site featured functionality for video submission, video galleries as well as site and judging moderation.