Art Direction, Design & Front End Development

Remember Scholastic when you were a kid? Remember how they had those flyers that came to our schools and we would pester our parents into buying their books? Have I just dated myself? Anyway, I remember Scholastics fondly so to be able to work with them was a treat and brought back many childhood memories. I may still have some of their old books in storage. How can you forget Clifford the Big Red Dog?

I had the opportunity to create over 300 emails for Scholastic from one shot emails to newsletter campaigns. I've either coded them myself or worked with developers to bring them to life. I also mentored junior designers and helped guide them through the process of designing and coding the emails to adhere to Scholastics brand and style guidelines. In addition, I've also collaborated with the Scholastic team to redesign their existing desktop designs into a more mobile friendly and responsive layout when needed.